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Homeowner Lists

Our homeowner lists are designed to keep you productive and in the area that you want to work at a very affordable price. You choose the zip code and the filters that you want. Lists available for any US zip code. Choose your filters: home value, estimated income, age group, marital status, scrubbed or unscrubbed against the DNC list. Don't over pay somewhere else. Homeowner lists are just $50 per zip code.

Storm Damage Leads

Guaranteed storm damage appointments.

If your company provides roof replacement in storm or hail damaged markets we can provide your first wave of attack. We get your marketing message out to new markets before your crews can even arrive and setup a canvassing team. As you know, the best and easiest leads from a hail or wind storm are picked up immediately after the storm. That doesn't mean an older storm is not profitable. We have options for those too. We have designed our lead packages so that you can start running appointments within days after calling us. We track all of the hail storms and are usually setup and ready to call before the hail stops falling. If storms are your company's future, call us and get a jump on the competition.

The competition between reputable roofing companies makes it a daily struggle to recruit the top reps and keep them. Keep your top reps doing what they do best, closing deals.With our preset and prequalified hail damage appointments your reps don't need to waste time chasing leads and canvassing. They will be closing deals and increasing profits for both themselves and your company.

After years of booking storm damage appointments we know what you want and need and know just what we need to do to get it. All of our appointments are guaranteed and exclusive to you. No shows, cancellations and no damage appointments are replaced at no cost to you.

Price List:  10 Leads = $850.00

                     20 Leads = $1500.00

                     50 Leads = $3550.00

                    100 Leads = $6900.00

​Any leads in storm areas over 4 months old add $30/Lead